Transport yourself to your last holiday with our Bali Beach collection. It will evoke memories of walking along the white sand beaches on a warm summer’s evening.

Designed to create a relaxing and warm atmosphere, it uses coconut paired with vanilla and almond. Also, we’ve added a touch of bergamot, which has been proven to reduce anxiety. Perfect for bringing tranquillity into your home.


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Bali Beach is the ultimate coconut fragrance. It will instantly transport you back to your last holiday, relaxing on the white sands and enjoying warm summer evenings. The combination of coconut, vanilla and almond is warm and relaxing. Plus, we’ve added a hint of bergamot and orange citrus oil for brightness and freshness.

Part of our beautiful summer collection, we developed the fragrance to bring joy and evoke memories of previous holidays. It’s a great scent for the living room as it inviting and relaxing.

The coconut fragrance is luxurious and indulgent, especially when teamed with the soft vanilla. Almond oils naturally create tranquillity to help you feel like you’re on holiday. Additionally, bergamot reduces anxiety, making this the perfect scent to breath deep and relax.


Home Fragrance

Whether you love a luxury scented candle, a reed diffuser or want an instant burst of fragrance with a room spray, we have something for every house.

Each time you light our coconut candle, you can’t help but instantly relax and be transported to the warm sands of Bali.

Our coconut diffuser lasts up to 12 weeks and is a beautiful alternative to candles as they release fragrance 24 hours a day. Place them near doorways to invite people into a welcoming atmosphere.



If you’re looking for a beautiful coconut perfume, then our Bali Beach collection also has a perfect size Eau De Toilette. Get compliments wherever you go with this ultimate holiday fragrance.