A home fragrance is a perfect way to set the tone of your home. We love walking in a being greeted by aromas from a fragrance diffuser or relaxing in the bath with scented candles. Plus, our room sprays give you a boost of freshness when you need to lighten up your home.

Enjoy the botanical smells of a herb garden, the warmth of black pomegranate or choose a scent to complement every season. We only use the highest quality fragrance oils to ensure that the scent lasts from start to finish. Also, everything is produced here in the UK, so we can ensure the highest standards.

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Scented Candles

Our luxury scented candles are the perfect way to fill your home with a beautiful home fragrance. With over 40 hours of burn time, plus the highest quality fragrance oils, the scent will fill your home. We’re particularly fond of our relaxing No. 42 Signature fragrance which combines amber, jasmine, peach orange and rose for a beautiful, delicate and sophisticated home fragrance.

Reed Diffusers

To keep your scent going 24 hours a day, try a reed diffuser. Perfectly positioned near doorways do when you walk into a room you can smell the beautiful aromas of your home fragrance. Our current favourite fragrance diffuser is our festive Winter Garden. With the combination of cloves, cinnamon and orange it fills the room with the smells of Christmas. For something more summery try our Salcombe Bay fragrance, which combines Sea Salt, White Musk, Eucalyptus and Orange for the perfect British Seaside scent.

Room Sprays

These are the perfect addition to your home, to keep handy when the room needs a boost of aromas. They use all the same fragrance oils as our diffusers and candles but come in a handy spray bottle for instant freshness. We love to spray our Wild Mint and Lime room spray before having a dinner party to make the room smell fresh and delicious. Plus, any fragrance with citrus oils is perfect just after cooking as they help break up the smells and create a lasting fresh scent.