Reminiscent of drinking Mojitos on the shores of the Caribbean, our Wild Mint & Lime fragrance will bring you joy whatever the British weather.

We’ve combined wild mint and lime with the rich tones of vanilla and ginger for a scent that is vibrant and refreshing throughout your home. Also, try our handy-sized perfume for an instant burst of joy wherever you go.


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Our lime and mint fragrance is one of our most popular, with its combination of wild mint and lime. Plus, we add the warm tones of vanilla and ginger to bring balance to this fresh and invigorating fragrance.

Melanie, the owner of All About Eve at Home, developed the fragrance to create a unique summer scent. We love it throughout the whole home.

The lime cuts through with a tart citrus scent, whilst the mint freshens and uplifts. Combined with the warmth of vanilla for a touch of softness and ginger for a warm spice, it’s perfectly balanced to bring joy.  No matter what the weather outside, the lime and mint fragrance creates an uplifting and welcoming atmosphere.


Home Fragrance

Transport yourself to the shores of the Caribbean every time you light our scented candle or place our diffuser in the kitchen to stimulate your appetite and cut through cooking smells. Alternatively, try our new room sprays that give a burst of instant fragrance that lasts.

We only use high-quality fragrance oils, so each of our home-fragrances is the highest standard. They last from start to finish. Also, they’re all produced in the UK by a British Fragrance House, so we can quality-assure each one.



If you love the lime and mint fragrance, try our perfectly sized perfume. A couple of spritzes will transport you to enjoying time with friends when your out and about. This great fragrance is so versatile, you will be complimented on the scent throughout the day.