Wild Mint & Lime Diffuser


Bring the smell of the Caribbean into your home with a delicious combination of wild mint and lime. Reminiscent of a good Mojito from Cuba, the invigorating citrus scent will make your home feel fresh and full of life. We love the scent in our kitchen or dining room to disperse cooking smells and get an uplifting atmosphere for dinner.

Our reed diffusers are a great alternative to a candle, as they last for 12 weeks and release oils 24 hours a day. We use the highest quality fragrance oils, that are drawn up the reeds to give a wonderfully strong scent.

Bottle contains 120ml of oil

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The smell of the summer comes in this bottle of wild mint and lime fragrance. It evokes the smell of the Caribbean, with the citrus scents of lime and botanical mint. This is one of our freshest scents, that will uplift your whole home, plus citrus is disperses cooking smells. Create a fresh atmosphere in the dining room or kitchen, by placing your mint and lime diffuser by the doorways.

As soon as you place your reed diffuser in your home, you’ll be in Cuba enjoying a Mojito with fresh mint leaves and a squeeze of lime. We love it in the summer, but it can be enjoyed all year-round.


Wild Mint and Lime Fragrance

We love the combination of mint and lime together and we’ve used only the highest quality fragrance oils in our reed diffuser.

  • Wild Mint cools down the fragrance and stimulates your appetite.
  • Lime is the perfect balance to the mint with a citrus, tart fragrance that makes the atmosphere fresh.


Reed Diffusers

We have been creating fragrances for over ten years and each one is designed by Melanie, the owner of All About Eve at Home. We only use the highest quality fragrance oils in our fragrance diffusers to increase the aromas in your home.

The fragrance diffuser is 100ml and comes in a glass bottle, so it looks beautiful in any room. Plus, we have produced handy refills for our wild mint and lime diffuser. Fragrance specialists make our reed diffusers in the UK.

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The Perfect Gift

Whatever the time of year our wild mint and lime fragrance diffuser is a great gift. It comes in a beautiful box, which can be easily presented to a friend of a loved one.

We love to give it as a moving home gift, or for a summer birthday party.

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