Evoke memories of the British seaside with our Salcombe Bay fragrance. With its combination of sea salt, white musk and eucalyptus, it will create a fresh and clean aroma throughout your home. Plus, we’ve added a touch of orange to create a naturally joyful scent.

Perfect for all day long through the whole of the summer, whether you stay home or travel abroad.


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Salcombe Bay is our original British seaside fragrance. It’s reminiscent of walking along the seaside, ice-cream in hand breathing in the fresh sea breeze. It is a combination of eucalyptus, sea salt and white musk. Plus, with a touch of orange, it creates a naturally joyful aroma.

This seaside fragrance is part of our summer collection developed by Melanie, owner of All About Eve at Home. Salcombe Bay holds fond memories for her, and she wanted to share that feeling with you.

The sea salt and musk create the traditional seaside fragrance but with added eucalyptus lifts and invigorates your senses. Also, eucalyptus clears airways, so perfect for freshening up your home. The touch of orange fragrance cuts through cooking smells, so we love it in the kitchen on a warm summer day.

Home Fragrance

Whatever home fragrance you’re looking for, Salcombe Bay comes in a variety of mediums. From an instant burst with a room spray to a long-lasting reed diffuser, there is a perfect solution for every home.

Evoke memories of holidays gone by with our sea salt candle, that will invigorate and freshen the environment.

For an alternative, try the sea salt diffuser, which lasts up to 12 weeks and releases the scent 24 hours a day. We love to place in near doorways to create clean and happy scents around the home.


If you’re looking to take it out and about on your next holiday, we’ve also created this seaside fragrance in a handy-sized perfume. So whether you’re staying home or travelling abroad the smell of the British seaside will be with you.