Salcombe Bay Room Spray


Evoke the memories of walking along the British seaside with our Salcombe Bay ocean fragrance. It combines sea salt and a hint of white musk for a clean and fresh aroma.

We use our room sprays to lift the atmosphere of a room instantly. Plus, we use the same high-quality fragrance oils in our room sprays we do in our candles and fragrances for a longer lasting scent than other sprays.



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Evoke memories of walking along the British seaside on a crisp summer day with our Salcome Bay ocean fragrance. It’s a perfectly balanced combination of eucalyptus, orange and sea salt, that creates a fresh and clean aroma. Plus, we’ve added a hint of white musk for warmth.

The room spray is perfect for instant freshness around your home. We love the ocean fragrance in the summer as no matter the weather it instantly lifts the atmosphere within your home.


Salcombe Bay Ocean Fragrance

Our Salcombe Bay ocean fragrance is one of our cleanest and freshest scents. It brings back the memories of the British seaside, with the combination of sea salt, orange, eucalyptus and white musk.

  • Orange fragrance oil cut through cooking smells and promotes happiness.
  • Sea salt fragrance adds the seaside scent to our room spray.
  • Eucalyptus helps you breath easy and adds freshness to our ocean fragrance.
  • White Musk fragrance adds warmth and depth for a balanced scent.

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Room Sprays

Our room sprays are the perfect addition to your house fragrance collection as they instantly add freshness and make your room smell amazing. We spritz ours whenever we need to boost the scent of the room.

We use only high-quality fragrance oils in our room sprays, so the smell lasts longer than other room sprays. Also, each fragrance is created by Melanie, the owner of All About Eve at Home, so it’s unique to us. She hand-picks each oil to create balanced fragrances that evoke memories and create lovely atmospheres throughout your home.

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Our Summer Fragrance Collection

We have recently instroduced a whole range of new summer fragrances that will help your home bring in the Summer. From zesty citrus scents to warm coconut, we have something for every room.


Salcombe Bay

Our Salcombe Bay ocean fragrance combines sea salt, eucalyptus and orange for a beautiful fresh and clean scent. It evokes memories of the British seaside.

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Be transported to the exotic white sand beaches of Bali, with the combination of coconut, almond and creamy vanilla. Plus, with a hint of orange to produce a balanced fragrance.

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Mint & Lime

Our Mint & Lime fragrance is the perfect citrus scent for your summer home. It wakes up the whole house and reminds us of warm summer evenings drinking Mojitos.

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