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From the herbal lavender and eucalyptus to the fruity bergamot and pomegranate, we’ve created a collection of botanical candles. They’re perfect to create different atmospheres in your home, whether you want to relax or uplift.

Melanie, the owner of All About Eve at Home, uses only high-quality fragrance oils to create unique scents that evoke memories of joy. From walking along the British seaside to the opulent gardens of Morocco, we have a scent for every home.

Our botanical candles are hand-poured in the UK by a British fragrance house. Plus, we hand-pick each wick to ensure that the burn is clean and even for 40 hours. We only using high-quality oils, so we can ensure the fragrance lasts from the first burn to the last.

Our Botanical Candles

Black Pomegranate

Evoke memories of an opulent, warm Moroccan garden with our Black Pomegranate candle. It creates a relaxing environment with a combination of pomegranate, patchouli and sandalwood.

Plus, traditionally patchouli and sandalwood help aid sleep. So, we love to light it in our bedroom before bedtime.

Mint & Lime

Reminiscent of drinking cool Mojitos in the Caribbean, our Mint and Lime candle uplifts your home. A combination of wild mint and lime, make this fragrance fresh and fun.

Light it before a dinner party to create an uplifting and welcoming atmosphere that will get everyone’s tastebuds going. Plus, citrus oils disperse cooking smells, so light it in the kitchen while cooking to keep your home smelling fresh and elegant.

Herb Garden

Our herb garden candle is one of our most popular botanical candles with a combination of Pine, lavender, rosemary and basil. Therefore, it’s great to create a fresh scent that evokes memories of a Victorian herb garden.

Perfect to light during the whole day, we love it by doorways to invite people whatever the weather. Plus, the lavender oil will naturally help reduce stress.

Salcombe Bay

Head back to Summer days, walking along the British beaches, with our new Salcombe Bay candle. We’ve paired eucalyptus with orange and sea salt for a refreshing fragrance that leaves your house full of joy.

We love to light ours on a summer day, so we can bring the feeling of holidays into our home, with a clean and fresh fragrance.

Eve at No. 42

Eve at No.42 is our signature botanical candle. We’ve combined peach, rose, jasmine and orange, so your home is sophisticated and elegant. It suits all homes all year round with its naturally relaxing scent.

Light yours in the evening to evoke memories of walking through Mediterranean orchards filled with plump fruits. Plus, rose oils have been shown to reduce stress. Therefore making it a great evening scent.