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We love the jasmine fragrance. It has a sweet and delicate scent that has been traditionally used as an anti-depressant as it transmits messages to the brain in the area that is used to control emotions. Therefore, helping you to calm your mind and relax

The jasmine flower is grown all over the world and produces small white flowers that smell the strongest at night. Due to this, the flowers are picked at night to create a jasmine fragrance oil.

Take a look at some of our scents with jasmine below.

Eve at No. 42

Our signature fragrance No. 42 is a perfectly balanced combination of orange, peach, and amber with rose and jasmine. Therefore, the sweetness of the florals is balanced with the citrus and smoky scents.

It reminds us of a Mediterranean orchard filled with fresh fruit. It’s perfect for every season with a sophisticated fragrance that is warm and welcoming.

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White Gardenia

We love the combination of white florals with a hint of musk for a heady scent that is perfect for the summer. Balancing jasmine, gardenia and honeysuckle it smells like an English garden in the summer.

The flowers open at night, so we love it on a summer evening around the house.

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Dark Amber

The perfect combination of amber, leather, musk and jasmine, our dark amber scent is perfect in the winter. Also, it has notes of citrus and smoky spices for a sophisticated fragrance that smells fantastic in every home.

We love it on a winter’s evening to create a warm and welcoming aroma around your home.

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