Eve at No. 42 Signature Candle


Evoke the smell of a Mediterranean orchard with our signature candle. It combines the highest quality fragrance oils to produce a sophisticated scent. With orange, peach, jasmine and rose it brings a beautiful natural aroma into your home. We’ve combined it with amber to create a warm and welcoming fragrance.

Our scented candles burn clean and even for 40 hours. We also use a higher quantity of fragrance oils than conventional scented candles, so the fragrance lasts until the very end.

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Enjoy the combination of orange, peach, jasmine, rose and amber in our signature candle. It produces a warm and welcoming fragrance that is a perfect scent for your living room. The fragrance oils, really uplift the atmosphere of your room, so it’s perfect all day long, to create a sophisticated environment.

The scent reminds us of a Mediterranean orchard in the autumn. Walking through the branches of orange and peach trees, surrounded by beautiful floral fragrances. Finally, the amber adds a warmth that you get when the sun is low on an autumn day. This is Melanie’s favourite fragrance, which is why it’s our signature candle. You can also enjoy this fragrance anywhere with our signature perfume.


Scented Candles

A British Fragrance House hand-pours our scented candles in the UK. We use our expertise to hand-pick each of our fragrance oils and combine them into our signature fragrance, so it compliments any home.

Each candle has 220gms of wax and is designed to burn clean and even right to the very bottom. Finally, we use a higher quantity of high-quality fragrance oils, so the aroma lasts to the very end of the candle.

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Signature Candle Fragrance

Our No.42 Fragrance uses some of our favourite fragrance oils, to compliment your home. Named after our Reigate shop, we love its sophisticated scent.

  • Amber brings a warm and welcoming aroma, with its hint of citrus florals and smoky undertones.
  • Jasmine has a sweet and delicate scent. It is uplifting and energising and is also traditionally used as an anti-depressant.
  • Rose oil creates a calming atmosphere that can reduce stress.
  • Orange and Peach fragrance oils can help you get up an go in the morning. Plus, citrus oils disperse kitchen aromas.


Unique Gifts

All of our candles fragrances are exclusive to All About Eve at Home, so you know that if you get a loved one a gift it’s going to be unique. We love to give this candle to someone who needs a little time to themselves, so it’s a great thinking of you present.

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