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Try a fragrance to evoke memories of cosy autumn nights and bring joy into your home.

Melanie, the owner of All About Eve at Home, designs each of our fragrances. She chooses each element and combines them to create fragrances that smell beautiful in every home.

Each fragrance is turned into a luxury scented candle, reed diffuser and perfume by a British Fragrance House. Therefore, creating a range of products that will bring all seasons to life in your house and when you’re out and about.

Our Fragrances

Rose & Geranium

Our Rose & Geranium fragrance is a delicate combination or English Rose, geranium, vanilla and violet for a beautiful floral scent. It is reminiscent of walking through Kew Garden’s roses in the height of the summer.

Also, rose is proven to reduce stress and help you sleep, so try it in your bedroom for a restful night’s sleep.

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Wild Mint & Lime

For a fresh scent, that reminds us of drinking Mojitos, try our Wild Mint and Lime fragrance. It’s the perfect level of mint to lime, that can stimulate the appetite and cuts through cooking smells. Therefore making it a perfect addition to your dinner party.

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Salcombe Bay

Enjoy the smell of the British seaside with our Salcombe Bay summer fragrance. It combines sea salt, white musk, eucalyptus and orange for a fresh scent. It’s perfect first thing in the morning to wake you up, as eucalyptus helps your breather easier.

Its clean scent works throughout the whole house, making the atmosphere feel fresh and light.

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Bali Beach

If you love the smell of coconut, this is the summer fragrance for you. A delicate balance of exotic coconut, vanilla and almond, it’s reminiscent of walking along a warm sandy beach. Also, we’ve added a touch of orange and bergamot to add freshness and balance.

Its the perfect scent on a warm summer evening to make your house feel welcoming and relaxed.

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