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There is a reason vanilla fragrance is one of the most used, as it creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere that is easily recognisable. Plus, it can be combined with a variety of scents to create completely different fragrances.

Vanilla oil reduces depression, lowers blood pressure and also has an ability to lift your mood. It comes from the orchid family and is the second most expensive spice in the world. It’s due to the fact that is hard to grow and has always had a high demand.

We particularly love it in the evening to help us relax and rest. Also, put it out before visitors arrive for a welcoming environment.


Our favourite scents with vanilla fragrance

  • Our Rose & Geranium scent combines rose, violet and geranium with vanilla for a sophisticated floral scent. It’s reminiscent of walking through Kew Gardens in the height of summer. Plus, rose and vanilla both create a stress-reducing and sleep-inducing atmosphere. It’s perfect throughout the day and we love it in the living room so you can enjoy it whenever you need a break.
  • Bali Beach is one of our new summer fragrances. It is a balance of vanilla, coconut, almond, orange and bergamot. The scents combined transport us to the warm sandy beaches of Bali. We love to light our scented candle on a summer evening to relax and enjoy the long summer evenings.
  • For a more wintery fragrance choose Fig & Cranberry. It combines Fig, Cranberry, Cedarwood, Musk and Vanilla for a warm and wintery scent. We love it both before and after Christmas for a bit of pure indulgence.