Dark Amber Candle


Imagine sitting in plush leather chairs surrounded in front of a flickering fire whenever you light our Dark Amber Candle. It’s the perfect combination of spices, tobacco and citrus for when nights get colder to create a warm and relaxing atmosphere in your home.

Each of our scented candles is hand-poured in the UK using high-quality fragrance oils to ensure the scent lasts from start to finish. Also, they burn clean and even for 40 hours.

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Our Dark Amber candle fragrance is reminiscent of a traditional library filled with warm leather chairs. It combines some of our favourite scents of leather, patchouli, spices and cedar. Also, we’ve added a hint of citrus bergamot to lift the fragrance. All of these elements make it one of our most warming and calming fragrances.

We love to light it in the evening as the nights get dark and the temperature drops, creating a cosy home environment. Also, Patchouli has been shown to help you sleep, so it’s perfect just before bedtime to help you drift off into a restful slumber.


Dark Amber Candle

Melanie, the owner of All About Eve, chooses each fragrance to create scents that evoke memories and bring joy and calmness into your home. Working with a British Fragrance house, we hand-pour all our candles in the UK using only high-quality fragrance oil. This ensures that the aromas last from the moment you first light your candle through to the very end.

Each candle burns clean and even for 40 hours, holding 220gms of wax. Also, we hand-pick each wick for the fragrance to avoid tunnelling and get a longer lasting candle. We have some essential tips on how to care for your candle here.

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Dark Amber Fragrance

Our Dark Amber candle creates a cosy and calming environment throughout your home.

  • Leather is one of the key fragrances in our scent. Sitting between the masculine and feminine tones, it has undertones of herbs and musk.
  • Patchouli is a warm and woody herb that comes from the mint family. Also, it has been shown to aid sleep, so perfect before bed.
  • We use a combination of spices in our amber candle, for warm and exotic hints.
  • Coming from the pine family cedar is a woody and spicy fragrance that forms the base note of our scent.
  • Bergamot fruit sits between and orange and grapefruit. Making it the perfect citrus tone to create a balanced fragrance.
  • We’ve also added hints of Jasmine for a touch of light florals. It lifts the fragrance without it becoming sweet.

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