Whether you’re looking for Christmas, a birthday or a wedding we’ve got a beautiful range of gift ideas to help you find something extraordinary.

Try our range of fragrances with scented candles, diffusers and perfumes. We have a whole range of scents that are perfect for all seasons, from our Winter Garden Christmas fragrance to Bali Beach, the scent of Summer.

Our beautiful jewellery, which is hand-picked for great value and beauty. Perfect for a little something to show how much you care.

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Coming up with the perfect gift ideas can be tricky, so we’ve put together our favourites to make it easy to find the perfect item for your loved one. From Christmas to Birthdays, there is something for every occasion.

Christmas Gift Ideas

Take a look at our perfect stocking fillers and presents to sit underneath the tree.

If they love fragrances, try our range of perfectly balanced winter fragrances. For a traditional smell of Christmas, our Winter Garden candle will invite people in with the scent of oranges, cinnamon and winter spices.

Alternatively, we a range of beautiful winter accessories. Wrap up warm with our woolly scarves that are cosy and soft. Or get them a handbag perfect for the party season.

For something a little more traditional our starry jewellery. It is the perfect gift for the season, with sparkle and fun, it’s sure to be a hit.

Birthday Gifts

Looking for something a little fun and fresh for a birthday this year? We have a lovely range of gift ideas to make their big day feel extra special.

We love our perfectly sized perfumes that will fit neatly into their bags wherever they go. For a classic scent that suits every season, try our Eve at No. 42. It’s our signature scent that uses rose, orange and jasmine for a sophisticated fragrance that that is warm and delicate.

Additionally, show the love with our range of heart jewellery. It is beautiful and shows someone how special they are to you. We love it for friends, mums, sisters and partners. All the special people in your life.

Top it all of with a unique birthday card. For an even bigger range of stationery head to our store in Reigate.

Celebrate their wedding

Weddings are wonderful occasions that only happen once in a lifetime. It’s great to give them a celebration they can remember and a thoughtful gift. What we’ve found recently is more couple are looking for a donation towards their honeymoon, but we love to give a little something to mark the day as well.

For a new couple, we love to give them a scented candle that they can use before and after the wedding, so every time they light it in the future the fragrance will remind them of their big day. Our Black pomegranate scent is opulent and rich without being too heavy. Plus, it suits both a male and female scent palette.