Herbal fragrances are both refreshing and relaxing with their beautiful blends of lavender, mint or rosemary. We love them to uplift the atmosphere before guests arrive or help aid sleep before bed.

Use them throughout your home with our candles and diffusers. Alternatively, we have handy-sized perfumes you can take with you.


Herb Garden

One of our most popular fragrances, Herb Garden, is perfect all year round. It evokes memories of walking through a Victorian walled garden filled with fresh herbs. We love the combination of lavender, pine and rosemary to reduce stress and bring tranquillity into your home.

Wild Mint & Lime

Our Wild Mint & Lime fragrance is reminiscent of a cold Mojito on a summer’s day and will transport you to the Caribbean. With its unique combination of wild mint and lime, we love to use this fragrance in the kitchen or before a dinner party.

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Herbal fragrances can both invigorate an environment, and the botanical elements can help you create atmospheres to improve your wellbeing.

We produce herbal fragrances that only use high-quality fragrance oils, to ensure they last for life of the product. Plus, our fragrances are all created by All About Eve at Home, to ensure they’re unique and evoke memories of joy.

Herbal fragrances can completely adjust an atmosphere, whether they’re using lavender to relax, mint to freshen or rosemary for balance. We use them regularly to aid sleep, with lavender, rosemary and patchouli making our top 5 fragrances to help you slumber.

Plus, mint stimulates appetites and freshen an environment. So it’s a great herb to release at a dinner party, especially in the summer.

Our herbal fragrances are available in both home fragrances or perfumes. Take a look below at what will suit you.

Herbal Candles

Hand-poured in the UK by a British Fragrance House, our herbal candles use only the highest quality oils. Plus, we hand-pick each wick depending on the fragrance to ensure they last for up to 40 hours and release the fragrance from start to finish.

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Herbal Diffusers

Our herbal diffusers are perfect for releasing fragrance 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We love to leave them around the house near entranceways to give you a burst of scent when you walk into a room.

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Herbal Perfumes

Herbal perfumes are perfect for taking out and about with you, whenever you need to uplift your mood or to relax. Plus, they come in handy-sized bottles, perfect for your handbag.

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