Herb Garden Diffuser


Bring in the scent of a botanical garden into your home, with our Herb Garden fragrance. It’s a beautiful blend of lavender, rosemary and pine; invoking the aromas of the lavender fields in Provence.

Our reed diffusers are an excellent alternative to candles with 24-fragrance, that last 12 weeks. We love placing the herb garden fragrance near the front and back door to create a relaxing atmosphere when guests enter your home.

Bottle contains 120ml of oil

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Whether you love the smell of a botanical garden or want a fresh but calming scent, the herb garden fragrance compliments every home. It combines 3 of our favourite fragrance oils, pine, lavender and hints of rosemary. As soon as you place your fragrance diffuser in your home, it will transport you to the lavender fields if Provence, or a walled Victorian garden.

The herb garden diffuser works particularly well near the front and back doorways for a botanical fragrance when you step into the house. It creates a relaxing and fresh aroma when guests walk into your home.

We use only the highest quality fragrance oils, but also a higher quantity than most standard diffusers. As a result, our fragrance diffusers last for 12 weeks and smell beautiful from start to finish. We also produce a refill for your herb garden diffuser.


Herb Garden Fragrance

Our herb garden diffuser is one of our most popular fragrances as it uses three of our most popular fragrance oils.

  • Rosemary and Lavender create a relaxing environment. The Lavender is perfect for creating a calming atmosphere, while Rosemary is proven to reduce stress.
  • Pine is added for freshness and gives a beautiful base to the scent.


Fragrance Diffusers

Our reed diffusers are the highest quality and are a great alternative to candles. The reeds draw up the oils, releasing them into the atmosphere 24-hours a day.
We’ve been producing fragrances for over ten years with a British Fragrance House. Melanie, the owner of All About Eve at Home designs each scent. She uses her years of fragrance expertise to blend beautiful scents that will compliment every home.

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Homeware gifts

If you’re looking for something special to give a friend or loved one, our reed diffusers are the perfect gift. Give the herb garden fragrance to someone who loves the outdoors and botanicals. It comes in a beautiful box with the reeds inside, so creates a lovely gift.

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