Enjoy the feeling of being warm and cosy with our Dark Amber fragrance. It combines leather, cedar, patchouli and spices for a rich deep scent that will leave you with a warm glow on a cold evening.

We’ve also added a touch of bergamot for freshness and jasmine for sweetness. The perfect combination of scents for a welcoming home.


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Dark Amber is a perfect remedy for when the nights start to get darker, and the temperatures get cooler. It’s reminiscent of sinking into a plush leather chair in front of a flickering fire. We use leather, spices and citrus notes to create this cosy and calming fragrance.

As part of our Autumn collection, it will give your home a warm, welcoming and cosy atmosphere. Perfect to put out and get under a warm blanket as the months get cooler.

It combines Leather, Patchouli, Spices and Cedar for a rich warming fragrance that will leave you feeling calm and relaxed. Patchouli has been shown to aid sleep so perfect before bed. We have also added a touch of Bergamot and Jasmine for freshness and a sweet note that round out the scent.

Home Fragrance

Our Dark Amber fragrance comes in a range of home fragrances, from candles to diffusers. Perfect for every home.

If you’re looking for a scent that lasts 24 hours a day for up to 12 weeks, why not try our dark amber diffuser. It releases fragrance continually and will leave your house feeling calm all day long. We love it in the bedroom to help us get a peaceful night’s sleep.

For a warm glow that brings the scent into your home, try our dark amber candle. Each of our candles is hand-poured in the UK and last up to 40 hours with fragrance lasting from start to finish.


For a fragrance, you take with you, try out handy-sized dark amber perfume. We love to wear it out for dinner as the nights draw in—the perfect remedy for being out in the cold.