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The rose fragrance has been used for centuries in rose perfumes, cooking and medicines. It’s one of our top scents to use as it’s sweet, fresh and floral.

Rose is part of the floral perfume family and is quite sweet. Combined with the right balance of other oils ensure that the scent doesn’t become too sweet or overpowering.

Also, rose oils have been shown to reduce stress and help you sleep. Therefore, it is the perfect scent in your bedroom or when you have a bath to help you relax. We also love it in the living room to create a welcoming and relaxed environment for both you and your guests.


Our favourite scents with rose fragrance

  • Try our Rose & Geranium fragrance for the classic smell of rose. We have combined it with vanilla, geranium and violet for a floral fragrance that evokes memories of walking through Kew Gardens in the height of summer.
  • No.42, our signature fragrance, combines rose with peach, orange, musk and jasmine for a sophisticated scent that will create warmth in your home. It’s so versatile it can be used all year round. We also have it in an Eau de Toilette if you love a rose perfume.
  • Black Pomegranate is one of our best selling scents. It combines rose with pomegranate, sandalwood and patchouli. It’s reminiscent of an opulent Moroccan garden and is a lovely fragrance in the evening. Also, the dusky scent combines some of the best sleep-inducing fragrance oils for a great night’s sleep.