Black Pomegranate Diffuser


Enjoy the warm and rich aroma of our black pomegranate fragrance. It combines the fragrance oils of pomegranate, sandalwood and patchouli, with a hint of rose. We believe it’s the perfect touch to add to your living room to create a welcoming atmosphere.

Fragrance diffusers make a great alternative to candles. Reeds draw up the oils to release them 24-hours a day into your room, that lasts up to 12 weeks.

Bottle contains 120ml of oil


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Our Black Pomegranate fragrance is the perfect evening scent, with the warming and rich pomegranate, combined with sandalwood, patchouli and a hint of rose. It makes your living space feel welcoming while creating a relaxing atmosphere. As soon as you place your reed diffuser in your home it will transport you to an opulent Moroccan garden.

The reed diffuser works best in the living room to create a warm atmosphere for when you take some time for yourself in the evening. It also makes a relaxing environment in the bedroom, with the fragrance oils, helping you get to sleep.


Reed Diffusers

Our fragrance diffusers use only the highest quality fragrance oils, so last for 12 weeks and the scent lasts from start to finish. We also use a higher quantity of fragrance oils to increase the aromas in your home. Plus we produce handy refills for your black pomegranate diffusers.

Melanie uses her expertise to create unique scents for All About Eve at Home. Working with a British Fragrance House, she has created fragrances for over ten years.


Black Pomegranate Fragrance

Melanie designed our black pomegranate fragrance to create a warm scent that would compliment every home.

  • Pomegranate scent brings a fruity lightness to the fragrance that lifts the overall aroma. It also has undertones of nuts and woodiness for added depth.
  • Sandalwood and Patchouli are known to help you sleep, making the fragrance perfect for your bedroom space.
  • Rose can also induce sleep, but also help relieve stress and create a calm environment.


Homeware Gifts

Reed diffusers make a unique gift for a friend of a loved one. They’re the perfect way to celebrate a new home and come in a beautiful box to provide a beautiful present.

The fragrance is perfect for someone who wants some time for themselves or wants to create a relaxing environment.

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