No.42 Room Spray


No. 42 is our beautiful signature room spray. It combines orange, peach, rose and jasmine for a strong but delicate fragrance. We’ve also added hints of amber for warmth and depth to a unique fragrance.

Our room sprays are perfect for an instant burst of fragrance, evoking memories of Meditteranean orchards throughout your home.



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Our signature room spray, No. 42, is reminiscent of walking through orchards in Spain every time you spritz it in your home. It combines peach and orange with rose and jasmine for the perfectly balanced fragrance. Also, the addition of amber makes it warm and welcoming in your home.

We love to spray our scent in hallways and living areas to create a welcoming environment, that will envelop you in a joyful and peaceful atmosphere.


Signature Room Spray

We have used some of the highest quality fragrances to ensure that our No. 42 scent evokes memories brings a calm atmosphere throughout your home.

  • Orange and Peach are combined to create a luxury note of fragrance to uplift your home. Plus, they help you get up in the morning.
  • Rose adds a gentle sweetness to create a calming and peaceful atmosphere. Also, the scent can reduce stress.
  • Jasmine is both uplifting and energising with its delicate floral scent.
  • Amber adds warmth and depth to the fragrance at its base. It’s slightly smoky to balance the sweetness of the other scents.


Room Sprays for your home.

We make each room sprays using exceptionally high-quality fragrance oils. Furthermore, we use a higher quantity of fragrance in our products, to ensure they last longer in your home.

A British Fragrance House makes all of our products after Melanie, the owner of All About Eve at Home, creates each fragrance. She hand-picks each oil to create a perfectly balanced fragrance that is designed to evoke memories and bring joy into your home.

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Fragrance oils to create calm

Our signature room spray fragrance is one of our recommended scents to create a calm and relaxed environment. The fragrance uses oils that reduce stress and help you sleep better.

Rose oil has been shown to reduce stress and help you relax, and jasmine scents were originally used to treat depression. Combining these with the natural peach and orange fragrances, which help uplift your mood, creates a fragrance that not only makes your home smell fantastic but will help you feel great. Therefore, we use our fragrances to take a moment to relax with our fragrances after a busy day to recoup and recharge.

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