Fruit fragrances can create both a relaxing or uplifting scent depending on whether you choose a rich or citrus fruit. Find your favourite below from warm winter aromas to fresh and fun summer fragrances.

Create the perfect atmosphere in your home with our candles and diffusers. Or, try one of our perfumes that can you take with you.


Eve at No.42

Combining orange and peach with rose, vanilla and jasmine, our signature fragrance is perfect for every day. The calming florals, combined with soft fruits, will remind you of walking through a Meditterean orchard.

Black Pomegranate

Black Pomegranate is one of our warmest fragrances with a unique combination of pomegranate, sandalwood & patchouli. Plus, with a hint of a rose for balance, it leaves you feeling completely relaxed.

Bali Beach

Let our Bali Beach fragrance transport you to the warm sands of Bali. It combines coconut with the scent of warm almond and soft vanilla. Plus, with notes of orange & bergamot, it will uplift your home and evoke
memories of summer holidays.

Wild Mint & Lime

One of our most popular summer fragrances with its combination of zesty lime and wild mint. It is reminiscent of drinking Mojitos in the summer sun in the Caribbean. Plus, the citrus scents cut through cooking

Berry Garden

Our sophisticated Berry Garden fragrance is a delicate combination of cassis, jasmine and musk. Evoking memories of walking through an English woodland, the blackcurrant fragrance of cassis is perfect from summer to

Fig & Cranberry

Evoke memories of warm Christmas dessert filled with fruit and topped with vanilla cream with our Fig & Cranberry sent. A great alternative winter fragrance it combines woody fig, sharp cranberry and soft

Winter Garden

The smell of Christmas in a candle. This spicy and aromatic fragrance combines cinnamon, clove and nutmeg balanced with orange oil. As soon as you light it, you’ll be transported into the Christmas season.

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Fruit fragrances can create a whole range of moods in your home. From the freshness of lime to the warmth of pomegranate, there is something for every season.

For over ten years, we have produced unique fruit fragrances that, using high-quality fruit oils, create wonderful scents for your home and you.

A wonderful aspect of fruit fragrances is that each one is different and can create a different atmosphere. With rich pomegranate, zingy lime, uplifting orange, summery coconut or wintery cranberry there is something for every mood and season.

Our fruit fragrances are available as home fragrances or perfumes, depending on when and where you need them. So, take a look below to find out what would suit you.

Fruity Candles

Each of our candles is hand-poured in the UK using only high-quality fragrance oils. They burn for up to 40 hours, plus each wick is hand-picked to ensure they give out the right amount of fragrance from start to finish.

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Fruity Diffusers

If you’re looking for an alternative to a scented candle, try a fruity diffuser. They release fragrance 24 hours a day for up to 12 weeks. We only use high-quality fragrance oils, so that the scent lasts from start to finish.

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Fruity Perfumes

Whether it’s the summer or winter our fruity perfumes are perfect to take with you. They’re perfectly sized to fit in your handbag and with a range of different fruit fragrances, they will evoke memories during your day.

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