Fresh fragrances are perfect to uplift and invigorate your home. Whether they use herbs like mint and eucalyptus or citrus oils, bergamot and orange, each one will create an inviting atmosphere.

Enjoy the fragrance throughout your home, with our range of candles, diffusers and room sprays. Or why not try our handy-sized fresh perfumes for when you want to take your favourite scent with you?


Herb Garden

Our most popular fragrance is Herb Garden. With its combination of lavender, rosemary and pine, it’s wonderfully fresh and uplifting throughout the year.

Mint & Lime

Choose our Wild Mint & Lime fragrance for a fresh and fun scent that will fill your home with joy. It’s reminiscent of drinking Mojitos on the shores of the Caribbean.

Salcombe Bay

Be transported to the British seaside with our Salcombe Bay fragrance. Combining orange, eucalyptus and sea salt, it’s fresh, clean and invigorates your home.

Bali Beach

For a scent that is both relaxing and fresh, try our Bali Beach fragrance. Combining vanilla with bergamot, coconut and almond, it evokes memories of relaxing on warm white sands.

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Fresh fragrances fill your home with bright, clean scents that both uplift the atmosphere and create inviting spaces for visitors. At All About Eve at Home, we have been creating unique fragrances for over ten years, with fresh scents being a huge influence when creating new exciting products.

A range of oils can create freshness within a fragrance. From herbs such as mint and eucalyptus to citrus scents like bergamot and orange, these different combinations create different atmospheres in every home.

Our range of fresh fragrances is available as both home fragrances and perfumes. Perfect for taking with you wherever you go.

Fresh Scented Candles

Each of our fresh scented candles is made to the highest standards. Using only high-quality fragrance oils they last from start to finish for up for 40 hours. Plus, they’re all made in the UK for a top-quality candle.

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Fresh Scented Diffusers

Diffusers are a great way to add fragrance into your home without burning a candle. They release fragrance 24 hours a day, with their reed oil system. We love them near doorways for an instant hit of scent when you enter a room.

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Fresh Room Sprays

We love room sprays to enhance the scent of our candles and diffusers. They give you instant bursts of freshness. Also, using only top-quality fragrance oils ensures the aroma lasts longer than cheaper alternatives.

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Fresh Perfumes

Take a fresh scent wherever you go with our handy-sized fresh perfumes. They are perfect to pop in your bag and gift you an instant burst of freshness throughout the day.

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