Winter Garden Candle


Bring the smell of Christmas into your home with our Winter Garden Candle. As you step in from the cold you’ll enjoy the warm and spicy scents of our winter candle. We love the combination of cinnamon, clove and nutmeg all balanced with the freshness of orange in the lead up to Christmas. Plus, it only uses the highest quality fragrance oil, ensuring your candle has a strong, but not overpowering, scent.

Our Winter Garden candle is the perfect fragrance in the hallway, as soon as you walk in, your home will wrap you in a festive atmosphere. Also, it burns clean and even for around 40 hours.

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Our christmas candle brings the smell of Christmas into your home. We use high-quality fragrance oils so you can enjoy the spices of cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg combined with fresh orange, for a balanced festive fragrance.

As soon as you light our winter candle you’ll be transported to roasting chestnuts on an open fire, watching movies under the blanket and taking a walk in the cold. Light your candle in the hallway, so as soon as you step in from the cold, you’re surrounded by the warm and spicy festive fragrance.


Christmas Scented Candles

Our winter garden candle is one of our signature candles. Melanie, the owner of All About Eve at Home, designed our winter fragrance, with the highest quality fragrance oils. Our candle specialists at a British Fragrance House, hand pour each of our winter candles.

Each candle lasts 40 hours and burn clean and even, so the fragrance lasts from start to finish.

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Winter Garden Fragrance

Our winter garden fragrance brings together all of our favourite scents of Christmas.

  • Nutmeg invigorates and stimulates your atmosphere, with it’s rich and sweet aroma.
  • Cinnamon both sweet but spicy and adds a pinch of magic to our festive fragrance.
  • Clove has a rich scent that is rich with a woody base.
  • Orange helps to rebalance the sweet and rich fragrances, with its citrus tones. Plus it can dissipate cooking odours. Perfect for the Christmas kitchen.

We also have the winter garden fragrance in a diffuser, a great alternative to a candle.


The perfect gift

If you’re wondering what to give someone for Christmas, a winter candle is a thoughtful gift for someone’s home. We love giving it to a busy mum, who needs some time to relax during Christmas. They can light it in the bath and enjoy a festive break from rushing around.

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