White Gardenia Diffuser


Enjoy the smell of a summer English garden, with our white gardenia fragrance. It combines some of our most beautiful floral fragrance oils, including jasmine, honeysuckle and gardenia. We’ve also added a touch of musk to give a warm atmosphere.

Put our fragrance diffuser by the front or back door to bring in the smell of the summer into your home as soon as you walk in. Our reed diffusers last up to 12 weeks and are a great alternative to candles.

Bottle contains 120ml of oil

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Be transported to an English summer garden when you smell our white gardenia fragrance. It combines some of our favourite white floral fragrance oils, including gardenia, jasmine and honeysuckle. Finally, we added musk for a rich undertone to the scent.

We love putting our white gardenia diffuser next to the front or back doors so when you walk in, your home will smell fresh and beautiful. We particularly love it on a summer evening when jasmine, gardenia and honeysuckle naturally have their strongest aromas.

The reed diffusers release fragrances 24 hours a day, by drawing up the oils in their reeds.


White Gardenia Fragrance

We love the combination of fragrance oils in our floral scent, to create a strong but delicate fragrance.

  • Gardenia is a deep floral scent that naturally blooms in the summer.
  • Jasmine has a delicate sweet fragrance, that is naturally uplifting.
  • Honeysuckle often grows wild and it’s most fragrant on a summer evening.
  • Our musk scent is a lovely warm and rich scent, but without being overpowering.

We also produce a scented candle in our white gardenia fragrance. 


Reed Diffusers

Our fragrance diffusers use a high quantity of high-quality fragrance oils so that they last for up to 12 weeks. Reeds draw up the oil and release it into your living space, 24 hours a day.

A British Fragrance House is the UK creates our reed diffusers, using our fragrance expertise. We hand-pick each oil so that it compliments your home perfectly. We’ve also made them refillable, so they’re better for the environment.

See all our reed diffusers.


Homeware Gifts

If you’re looking for a great new home gift or a treat for a friend, our fragrance diffusers are a perfect gift. The white gardenia fragrance is perfect for anyone who loves to sit outside in the garden during the summer. Our reed diffusers come in a beautiful box with the reeds, so create a lovely gift.

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