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Cedarwood or cedar fragrance is one of the oldest oils used in perfumery. It is the most used woody fragrance, as it is both nostalgic and pleasant.

The cedar tree is part of the coniferous family, with cousins such as the pine tree. Therefore the scent is woody, fresh and clean – making it the perfect pairing with lots of key ingredients. In aromatherapy, it is used to calm and balance you.

We love it for a variety of reasons, as it can both lift a fragrance and create warmth, making it truly unique.


Our favourite scents with cedar fragrance

  • Our White Gardenia fragrance uses cedar to create a fresh spring aroma. With jasmine, honeysuckle and gardenia, it is the perfect scent to bring the smell of spring into your home. We love it in the evenings, when the flowers would naturally bloom, to waken up a house from a sleepy winter season.
  • For an alternative festive fragrance, try Fig & Cranberry, which uses hints of cedar with fig, cranberry, vanilla and musk for a sweet and welcoming scent. We love to light our candles before guests arrive for a warm arrival. The smell reminds of warm fruity Christmas puddings covered in vanilla cream.
  • Our Dark Amber fragrance draws on more traditional scents. A combination of leather, cedar, warm spices and bergamot it is reminiscent of an old tobacco shop and deep warm leather chairs. We love it in autumn to create a cosy atmosphere throughout the whole home.
  • For a summer fragrance, our Salcombe Bay scent is perfect. It combines cedar fragrance with eucalyptus, orange and sea salt for a smell reminiscent of the British seaside. We love it throughout the whole house, especially as you get in the warmer months for freshness.