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Musk fragrance is a combination of aromatic substances that are used as the base note in perfumes and fragrances. Its earthy scent is both warming and welcoming and is brilliant at balancing sweeter notes. It also helps aromas last longer.

It used to be derived from the musk deer, as they produced it within their glands. Unfortunately, this meant the deers were hunted to extinction. However, luckily they are now protected, and the musk scents we used are a mixture of plants and synthetic materials.

We love to combine musk with florals, to create a fully balanced fragrance, so here are some of our favourite scents with musk fragrance.

Salcombe Bay

One of our brand new summer fragrances is Salcombe Bay. We’ve created it to enjoy the smell of the British seaside in your home. A perfect balance of sea salt, white musk, eucalyptus and orange is used to create this unique fragrance.

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Dark Amber

Our dark amber scent combines amber and leather with jasmine, citrus and smoky spices. Also, we’ve added a touch of musk to balance the whole fragrance. Therefore, we love it in the winter to fill our whole home with a warm and welcoming scent.

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White Gardenia

Reminiscent of the smell of a summer garden, our White Gardenia fragrance combines jasmine, honeysuckle, and gardenia. Also, we’ve added a touch of musk to create a warm atmosphere and balances the sweetness of the florals.

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Amber & Musk

Our Amber & Musk scent combines cedar with amber and musk for a deep but fresh fragrance. We also added a hint of jasmine for a fragrance that is perfect for every season.

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