Floral fragrances are a key ingredient to our favourite scents, as they bring calmness and freshness to all home.

Enjoy a soft and fresh fragrance in your home with our floral candles and diffusers. Or, take your favourite scent with you in our handy-sized perfumes.


Eve at No.42

Reminiscent of walking through an orchard in the Meditteranean, our signature fragrance combines rose, jasmine, peach and notes of orange for a perfect everyday scent.

White Gardenia

Bring the scent of an English garden into your home, with our White Gardenia fragrance. It is a perfectly balanced combination of jasmine, honeysuckle and gardenia that will invite you in.

Rose & Geranium

Evoke memories of walking through the roses at Kew Gardens, with our Rose & Geranium fragrance. Its combination of rose, vanilla, violet and geranium are naturally relaxing.

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Floral fragrances make spaces feel warm, inviting and fresh. Therefore, they are fragrances to suit every home and room, depending on what mood you want to create.

As we’ve been producing fragrances for over ten years, we found a way to bring out the best floral oils with unique combinations.

Floral fragrances are perfect for helping your home feel uplifted, fresh and calm. One of our most popular floral aromas is rose, with its delicate sweetness. Plus, it reduces stress and helps aid sleep. So, whether you combine it with vanilla to create a beautiful calming scent, or combined with jasmine it brings a fresh fragrance that smells like a floral garden.

We have a range of floral fragrances that are available both as home fragrance products and perfumes.

Floral Candles

We hand-pour each of our floral candles here in the UK, so we know they’re made to the highest standards. Plus, each wick is hand-picked to give off the right amount of scent from our high quality-fragrance oils for up to 40 hours.

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Floral Diffusers

For a fragrance that lasts 24 hours a day, try our floral diffusers. We particularly love them by doorways, so you the fragrance invites you into a room. Plus, they last up to 12 weeks as they only use high-quality fragrance oils.

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Floral Perfumes

Enjoy your favourite floral fragrances wherever you go with our perfectly sized floral perfumes. We love giving ourselves a spritz before heading out, so we enjoy an uplifting scent during our day.

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